Federico García Lorca: A Murder in Granada

Swedish press. Reviews.


Expressen, 9 January, 1977   

»This fine and ambitious documentary on the Spanish poet and dramatist Federico García Lorca most be repeated —it was of top international quality and perhaps can be shown in Spain now too.»

Hemming Sten


Vecko Journalen 4 January,  1977 

» In his book ‘The Death of Lorca’ —a masterpiece of journalistic exposé —the British literary scholar Ian Gibson gave the most reliable depiction of the death of the poet. This unique film clears away some more of the mists surrounding the death of Federico García Lorca.»

Mats Ekdahl


Uppsala Nya Tidning, 9 January 1977 

»Federico García Lorca: excellent reporting. In the eyes of all the word the martyr of the Spanish civil war has become a symbol, just as Kaj Munk became during the German occupation of Denmark.»



Röster I Radio TV , 4 January 1977 

»Lorca’s death has been the subject of debate around the world. Some people have held that it was the unplanned work of bloodthirsty falangists. After seeing this film, Artur Lundkvist (Swedish poet and member of the Swedish Academy) agreed with director Humberto López y Guerra that is was a premeditated murder.»

Kjell Löwenborg


Värmlands Folkblad , 6 January 1977 

»This was a very well-made reconstruction of Lorca’s life, done for TV1. In a way that is difficult to define, Humberto López y Guerra who followed the tracks of Lorca succeeded in conveying the restlessness and sensitivity of the young poet.»

Sonja Wellander


Swedish Television TV1   

»As long as Swedish television can help contribute towards such unique productions as this one, things aren’t entirely hopeless.»

Göran Bengtson

Head of cultural section for TV1, Swedish Television