Triángulo de espías, (Spytriangle)
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The mysterious murder of a young Russian woman in Stockholm spikes an operational alert at Säpo (Sweden’s Security/ Counterintelligence/ Counterterrorism police). However, the first step from Säpo is an attempt to lay a smoke screen around the crime. Stig Bohman, a Counterintelligence Officer at Säpo, is responsible for obstructing the police work initiated by Police Commissioner Gunnar Jansson and his assistant Anna Palmqvist. What could be the reason behind Säpo’s obstructionist effort? While the Swedish media is referring to the murdered girl as “merely an Eastern European prostitute,” it turns out that, in reality, she is the daughter of Alvaro Espinosa, a Colonel with the Cuban Intelligence, who is willing to defect in Europe and sell highly classified information regarding the Cuban regime, in exchange for political asylum.

The Miami Herald (Review)

By Manuel C. Díaz

November 11, 2016

Spy Triangle is a great espionage novel. I cannot find a better way to describe it. It is written meticulously, as an artisan, and in its plot, despite

H.L.Guerra signing books at The Miami International Book Fair 2016H.L.Guerra signing books at The MiamiInternational Book Fair 2016

tackling complex issues like the illegal sale of weapons to terrorist countries, there are no loose ends. In the end, thanks to an unexpected plot twist, all pieces fall into place, and all in the context of a plot involving the intelligence services of Cuba, North Korea and the United States. With this novel, H.L Guerra has once again demonstrated, as he did in The Traitor from Prague, that spies do not have to emerge from the cold. They can come from the heat of the tropics. Actually, they are already doing it. After all, they are only ninety miles from us.







Humberto López y Guerra
Among the ten best-selling novels – The Miami Herald

After the publication of this excellent novel, one cannot say that the genre of spy novels has no literary tradition in Spanish, it has just been born, and it is of Cuban origin.  
(The Miami Herald)

A thrilling novel that links Prague to Washington, South Yemen, Paris, Sitges, Madrid, Havana, Berlin, Geneva and Panama.

A plot in which fiction and historic facts mixed with real and fictional characters.

A story that reveals the secrets of international espionage and we’ll never know for sure if it really happened, but all can be…

In November 1989, major Paredes, second man of Cuban intelligence in Prague, decides passing top-secret information to CIA, amid the debacle of communist regimes of Eastern Europe. In Washington, this betrayal actitude causes doubt and skepticism, although Javier Puig, the Cuban-American spy that liaised with his old friend Paredes, is trying to convince Langley that it is not a Cuban provocation or infiltration, but the honest decision of a brave man, that is putting his own life at stake, about helping the Fidel Castro regime’s fall. But Puig’s own credibility is also questioned by hawks of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Lil, a radical German young student, Jewish descent, converted spy by the Cuban intelligence service, is the trigger that achieves that Americans finally accept as true the information in which Paredes is warning of a terrible terrorist attack: Cuba and agents of the European dying socialist field, grouped in an ultra secret organization, Solidarity International Command (SIC), are about to perpetrate.


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