Triángulo de espías (Spytriangle)

The new spy novel of Humberto López y Guerra

H.L. Guerra new spy novel will be presented in November at the Miami Book Fair. #miamibookfair2016

triangulo-portada-verbum-final2The mysterious murder of a young Russian woman in Stockholm shoots operational alert Säpo (the Security Police, Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Sweden), who immediately tries to lay a smoke screen around the crime. Counterintelligence Officer Säpo, Stig Bohman, is responsible for obstructing the work of the police in front of the case, Commissioner Gunnar Jansson and his assistant, Anna Palmqvist. The reason is that the girl according to which the media was merely an Eastern European prostitute killed by sobredosis- is actually the daughter of Alvaro Espinosa, a Cuban colonel willing to defect and sell highly secret information of the Castro regime Americans in exchange for political asylum. 


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El traidor de Praga (The traitor from Prague)

ELTRAIDOR-entre-las-10-novelas-mas-vendidasA thrilling novel that links Prague to Washington, South Yemen, Paris, Sitges, Madrid, Havana, Berlin, Geneva and Panama. A plot with fiction and historic facts mixed with real and fictional characters. A story that reveals the secrets of international espionage and we´ll never know for sure if it really happened, but all can be…

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